Good software goes hand in hand with great hardware. I have extensive experience with electronic circuits on the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms, building devices from biometrics to robotics to IoT.


Flex is an elegant wearable designed to sense muscle activity in your arm. Using intuitive tap, tilt, and flex gestures, Flex controls a robot with the electrical EMG signals from your muscles. The carefully assembled electronics are housed in a custom, ergonomic 3D printed enclosure for comfortable and stylish wear.


Flex is accompanied by a robot, custom designed and laser cut to house immense power. With four wheel drive and high capacity rechargeable batteries, the robot is equipped to tackle rough terrain. With a Raspberry Pi on board, the robot can communicate with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and radio. A pan-tilt camera enables HD live streaming. 32 smart full-color LEDs and 2 OLED displays add to the visual appeal of the carefully designed bi-layer acrylic chassis.


After the Raspberry Pi Zero launched, I was searching for a way to compactly combine the versatility of Arduino with the power and connectivity of the Raspberry Pi. I designed Alchemy Wand, an Arduino-compatible board that perfectly fits over the Pi Zero, in EAGLE. After prototyping and testing the PCB design, I had a few units manufactured locally by MacroFab.

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